RecruitDAY ATS

RecruitDAY ATS Features and Benefits

Quickly and easily create Requisitions

One click posting of Requisitions

Applicant can view details on past jobs applied for and upload their resume and other required documentation

Applicant details automatically pulled from Applicant's Account into application

Assign pre-screening questionnaires to applicants

HR can view scores and full responses to all questionnaires

Quickly search for applicants in applicant database based on skills, experience, and GPS through integrated Google Maps api

Notifications to applicants and interviewers can be sent from the application

Integration with Outlook for Calendar availability and scheduling of interview times

Interviewers can directly score applicant on required criteria and HR can view all scores for making the final decision.

Job Offers can be created and sent from the application

Applicant details can be directly converted to the Employee Database

Induction training can be assigned and scores can be directly viewed by HR

Comprehensive Reports and Dashboards

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