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Boost organizational performance with Business Pointers industry wise services and solutions. Our goal is to create a winning combination of industry specific knowledge and innovation to achieve an unsurpassable level of business excellence. Business Pointers ERP Solutions are designed to overcome industry specific challenges to insure your customers experience best in class services. Business Pointers ERP solutions have empowered many global industry leaders to build long lasting, win-win relationships with their customers!

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Aerospace & Defense

Aerospace & Defense

Our goal is to simplify the development of complex products and processes with highly configurable software specific to the aerospace and defense industry.

  • Easy access to key information, analyze trends and risks
  • Convert raw and complex concepts into viable products and systems within budget
  • Overcome complexities that might occur during manufacturing
  • Reduce assembly cycle time and costs
  • Increase productivity and product quality
  • Deliver repairs and maintenance services with spare parts supply as scheduled Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense


We can help with automotive industry specific software and tools that facilitate collaboration with your customers and partners. This timely engagement with the appropriate groups can speed up the delivery of on demand products in the market.

  • Optimize production assets and maximize manufacturing efficiency
  • Improve operational visibility and performance
  • Adapt to the changing business environment and respond strategically to new opportunities
  • Stay updated on anticipated business changes and outcomes with predictive analysis Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense


The need for sound financial planning and management is crucial to sustaining any successful business in today’s competitive market. Business Pointers software for the banking industry can synchronize financial processes and boosts profit margins across all channels.

  • Automate the entire financial management process
  • Comply with statutory rules and regulations
  • Seamless integration between finance, sales and operational functions Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense


Business Pointers chemical industry specific software modules can help chemical manufacturers effectively manage records, quality, customers, production and financials. As an affordable solution, Business Pointers ERP software is beneficial to chemical organizations of any size.

  • Monitor product quality and constantly make improvements
  • Deliver environmentally friendly products in compliance with health and safety regulations
  • Resolve difficulties in real time across departments
  • Manage supply and demand with flexible planning processes Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense

Consumer Products

Count on Business Pointers software solutions for the consumer products industry. Stay ahead with popular products in the market and be the first to meet customer demands on time. Identify new markets, enhance your current brand value and maximize promotional investments. With resourceful ERP modules, balance the supply and demand chain to cost effectively meet customer demands.

  • Coordinate processes – planning, sales, marketing and implementation
  • Keep track of resource investment relevant to category, product, channel, and customer
  • Measure post-promotion performance to refine your promotional investments
  • Streamline manufacturing and transportation functions to make the products available in the market while the demand is high
  • Meet product safety regulations during manufacturing, packaging, transportation and delivery stages Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense

Engineering & Construction

Business Pointers software specific to the engineering and construction industry can support building information modeling (BIM), construction estimating and project management operations. Manage risks and increase profitability with cost effective ERP software solutions.

  • Complex project requirements can be evaluated using collaborative, multidimensional design and evaluation tools
  • Increase procurement accuracy with estimation tools
  • Identify risks, determine strategic solutions and measure performance Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense


Business Pointers software for the healthcare industry focuses on providing personalized services and preventive care. Ensuring best in class healthcare services are offered on time with efficient utilization of resources to meet patient expectations and facilitating easy communication and information sharing between the hospital / clinical staff, pharmacies, and patients.

  • Integrate registration, scheduling, and billing processes for attending to patient demands faster and on time
  • Provide self managed care insights on social networks for chronic conditions
  • Manage patient inquiries and queries from a single platform
  • Manage finances and profits proficiently with integrated workflows relevant to administrative, clinical, and operational areas Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense

High Tech

Respond to changing market dynamics faster with Business pointers software solutions for the high tech industry. Product development solutions support innovation and increase the launch of new products. Powerful analytical tools identify market trends and streamline supply and manufacturing lead time.

  • Improve the value of research and development , prioritize resources and projects
  • Simplify product development processes and ensure full product compliance
  • Effectively manage modifications in engineering patterns and manufacturing release Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense

Life Sciences

Business Pointers ERP solutions help to innovate, develop and distribute new therapies, useful drugs and medical devices around the globe at a faster rate. The cutting-edge technology solutions support pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnology and other relevant companies to enhance global health in innovative ways. It also facilitates collaboration between researchers and ensures quality product development.

  • Inform patients about alternative product uses and potential adverse effects
  • Manage product safety and resolve risk
  • Collaborate within teams to maximize product development and cost efficiency
  • Strengthen relationships with wholesalers, buyers and patients Back to Top
Aerospace & Defense


Business Pointers retail management and analytics application provides real time insight related to – promotion, product, pricing and channel performance. It also gives real time views of consumer behavior, inventory levels and improves operational efficiencies.

  • Forecast demand, optimize inventories and avoid stock outages
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of retail promotions and improve strategies
  • Take advantage of upcoming trends to improve merchandising and pricing strategies
  • Fulfill demands across different promotional platforms and boost customer loyaltyBack to Top
Aerospace & Defense

Wholesale Distribution

Business Pointers sales and distribution software helps to identify customer’s product and service requirements. Manage distribution processes (plan, stock, sell, recover and analyze) on one unified platform, execute processes flawlessly, achieve profitable growth, improve cash flow and strengthen customer / supplier relationships.

  • Integrate demand and supply planning functions to manage inventory and optimize product selection
  • Improve customer experience with multichannel sales and service support
  • Extend market reach with online sales and service, cut costs and improve customer loyalty Back to Top
Help make groups of customers/vendors from whom to collaborate with for business ventures and associations.
Customer Collaboration
Collaborate with existing or new customers to procure new or existing products and services. They are leads or channel partners for businesses. Order lifecycle can be monitored by different stages. This is linked with sales management.
Vendor Collaboration
Collaborate with existing or new vendors to sell new and existing products and services. Features such as tracking, tender and bid evaluation, and creation can be entered. Order lifecycle can be monitored by different stages. This is linked with procurement.
Provides customer and vendor reports for order lifecycle stages. Tender tracking can be monitored for vendor collaboration. Opportunities pipeline can be viewed by customers status. Open orders can also be viewed.