5 Reasons to Consider When Deciding on a Project Management App

For fast-moving businesses, it becomes very difficult to keep on top of projects and at the same time keep the clients happy. Proper planning and organizing of projects is essential in order to stay on deadline. Managing the budget and costs related to projects is crucial to meet client expectations.

Subsequently it is more important for businesses to map out and provide complete work objectives while guaranteeing their work performance.

Here are five benefits to consider when deciding on a project management application.

1. Organize the Big Picture and Simplify Your Work:
A project management system should understand the business and provide the features which are required for running the business. With a variety of built in analytical tools, decision makers should be able to:

Monitor Deadlines: Managing multiple deadlines is crucial and needs to be handled efficiently. If not handled properly, it will result in confusion and clutter. Project management applications should have a dedicated basket of complete and pending projects that can be sorted by deadline date.

Manage Minutes: Applications should be able to manage task minutes and also spot potential ways to avoid delays in projects by providing progress reports.

Monitoring Cost and Budget:
  • Estimate capabilities: The application should simplify the budget management and help in making strategic decisions about the reduction of project costs. The software should have the capability to estimate the productivity of projects from the variety of resources available. These resources include materials, employees, and money.
  • Forecasting: The application should be able to generate accurate budgets and forecast the outcome based on historical data or manual data.

Manage Project Risks: The application should incorporate risk tracking into the routine project status tracking. It helps address issues and resolve them quickly. It also provides reminders.

Estimation Tools: The application should provide the ability to estimate project profitability and generate forecast and pipeline reports, gaining visibility into future enterprise and profit opportunities.

Other Essential Features: Apart from this project management software should also provide various essential features which are required for the handling of the projects. Some of the essentials features are:

  • Risk Management
  • Time Management
  • Issue Management
  • Resource Management
Communication Management
  • Project Tracking
  • Gantt Chart
  • Online Calendar
  • Project Financials
  • Dashboards

2. Tracking and 24/7 Access to Reporting
The application should make use of software reporting capabilities to run regular reports for performance improvement. Reports provide reliable feedback and helps in improving process and superior resource allocation which leads to an increase in efficiency and reduces the project costs. The application should ensure that it provides intuitive report building functionality which allows the customization and generation of reports quickly and efficiently.

As a result you can:

  • Remain updated on every project anytime, from anywhere in the world.
  • Generate customized reports based on different scenarios and individual needs. It also allows reports to be viewed dimensionally which is essential for better decision making.
  • View all the reports in several formats like excel or pdf.

Project Management software is meant to make the management process faster and easier. The software should provide reports that reflect the performance of different levels of projects.

Built in Collaboration
A project management application should be intrinsically collaborative. This feature should allow informed, knowledgeable, and quick decision making for the entire team. This helps in connecting the team members in real time to provide effective communication.
Due to this capability it becomes possible for all the team members to come together, plan, and collaborate to get work done quickly and easily.

Key Benefits of Collaboration:

  • Provides faster communication to speed up the business communication.
  • Facilitates efficient and effective communication between team members and enhances knowledge sharing among them.
  • Streamlines project information reporting.
  • This function sends alerts of issues.
  • Reduces the time needed for exchanging bulk mails as everyone involved in the project can read the discussion in the forum.
  • Allows communication through integrated emails and a discussion board.
  • Provides a consolidated view of several different projects.

Compatible Offering

Less Training Required: It should be easy to understand and instinctive so the team members do not need to be heavily trained to use the system. The application should be user friendly so that the user will enjoy working on it rather than feeling frustrated from trying to understand the complexities of the application.

Efficient: It should simplify the process by only providing and displaying the data which is required and relevant for a role.

Provide Real Time Updates: Team members and management should get notifications of the latest changes and be able to view the status of the project at every stage.

Manages the Entire Lifecycle of the Project: Project management applications should be able to deliver the necessary functionality to mange your project from start to finish.

Mobility: The application should allow the team members to access the project details anytime from anywhere in the world using various mobility devices.

Scalable: It should be scalable enough to provide the flexibility to scale up or scale down as the business grows and changes.

Templates: The project management application should be able to instinctively generate and modify the templates to match the format of the project.

Customization: The application should allow the creating of features which are needed by the organization, while getting rid of those which are not required or not useful for the workflow of the projects.

Secure and Reliable
Today security is a huge concern. An application needs to be able to manage the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of project data. It should provide security measures to ensure the consistency and availability of required data. This is especially important when working with reports. The application should have the ability to encrypt data so that it remains secure while communicating with the team members and other departments.

As a result project management system (PMS), a cloud based application can profoundly transform the way you do business. It helps you to do efficient work rather than hard work. It offers an exceptionally simple, collaborative, and efficient way to manage the projects. It allows you to handle the entire functionality of the project in one place.

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