HRMS Simplified

The “human capital” is the most invaluable asset of the organization. Human resources are the tools for building the competitive advantage and for increasing the performance and productivity of the organization. Objectives of an organization can be achieved through these valuable assets and human resource (HR) plays an important role when it comes to the coordination and handling of these assets.

In this ever growing technological world, human resources are not left behind. In order to manage it more effectively and efficiently, programmed HRMS – Human Resource Management Systems has become common due to the need to make HR tasks more simplified.

Problem faced
Problem faced with different isolated modules
As per the scenario given in figure 1, organizations have different isolated modules to handle the entire HRMS process. This makes it difficult to operate and handle the entire system. Therefore most of the companies are ready to combine all the applications (i.e. HRMS, learning, recruitment etc) together into one system.


For the benefit of the organization, employees and the HR teams have to work together. Conventionally, lack of collaboration has been a setback.

Problem faced with talent analysis
Top talent is today’s competitive differentiator that makes the difference between an organization that is thriving and one that is stagnant or declining. People these days are interested more in analytics. For example, they are interested in creating talent analytics because “talent” has become one of the most important issues. Some of the critical issues related to talent are listed below:


According to a survey conducted by Forbes "human capital" is one of the top global challenges for 2013. Due to which, talent analytics became the biggest concern.

HR software is no longer purchased to improve the efficiency of HR. These days, companies purchase Human Resource Management Systems to help transform their talent strategies and directly improve employee engagement and the ability to hire.

Best solution
HRMS cloud technology
More and more companies are now opting for cloud-based applications instead of traditional software which is highly customized by Information Technology (IT). Companies are even ready to replace their vendors. Yes, cloud-based software is an outstanding business model and it also reduces the cost of switching.

Why use HR applications on cloud?
For the past 20 years, HR has re-invented itself. From the regular activity of IR (industrial relations and labor), HR has pushed its way into the front of a company’s business radar, gaining an equal standing with finance, marketing, administration and various other departments.

Advantages of using it on cloud


Key reason behind using it on cloud

  • No infrastructure required.
  • No maintenance needed.
  • No storage space required.
  • No extensive training for staff needed.
  • Does not require the fastest connection to operate.
  • No need for additional expensive software applications, saving the company valuable assets, and only requiring you to paying for the module you use.
  • Ensures solidity and consistency by running within a single platform.
  • Teams up with employees using mobile tools.

How HRMS cloud-based application will help HR practices?
Is there any application available which includes all these advantages? The answer to this is ‘yes.’
Human ResourceManagement System (HRMS) software provided by Business Pointers is a cloud-based application. IT manages every aspects of the HR process with cloud-based enterprise apps.
It also empowers the extensive recruitment processes.

It allows:

  • Automatic cost comparison of the best ways to recruit.
  • Allows online applications.
  • Tracking of the complete recruitment process.
  • Stores reminders.
  • Give alerts and notifications.
  • Provides customized dashboards for better analysis and easy understanding.
  • And many more.

This software has made HR’s life simpler and more manageable. It outperforms the situation and offers a simplified process by a providing talent pool module which analyses the talent for strategic recruitment processes.

Business Pointers HRMS – the most simplified HRMS cloud based app
Employee Management
The success of an organization is directly proportional to the relationship shared among the employees. HRMS plays a key role in binding the employees together.


It covers a wide range of activities:

  • It provides a 360 view of the employees.   
  • It acts as a single interface to allow HR to easily configure and also manage various business rules.
  • Allows the generation of various letters (appointment, relieving, induction, experience letters and variety of routine letters.)
  • View employee database history.
  • Configure the reports.
  • Managing the entire employee lifecycle, from entry (induction) to exit (exit interview scheduling).
  • Automated workflow based resignation, termination, reassignment, promotion, transfer, and confirmation activities.

It makes the employee handling process through HRMS very simple and manageable.

Attendance is a component which provides powerful, accurate and easy to use features for managing employee timesheets. The HRMS attendance module can customize the timesheet in order to meet the company’s time tracking needs. Later on reports can be generated and customized for better understanding and streamlining of the business process.

Helps in hiring the correct people with the appropriate skill sets and also manages individuals effectively to create a high performing team. Forecasting future hiring is in high demand and it will also save a lot of time and money in the long run. HRMS helps in achieving this.

Relevant reports can be generated from the software in various formats which can be sent over to review, file, and print by electronic message or email and web browser. This makes the HRMS system more simplified and easy to understand. Customizable dashboards can be generated for user friendly screening. At later stages comparative analysis can be done to quickly arrive at a decision. Unlimited data mining capability is also available and daily reports can be generated in a single click.

Business Pointers HRMS makes it easy to keep up with all the new laws and regulations making it easy to manage the up-to-the-minute HR issues, trends and changing laws easily.

Succession Planning
In order for businesses to survive, it is critical to plan for changes in management. Succession must be managed for all important positions in a company; not only the higher executives and supervisory levels. A company needs to be able to evaluate and assess current employees to determine how they match up to the organizational needs. HRMS has included this feature in order to easily handle all this in one place.

Other: Project Management System
Business Pointers HRMS also provides a Project Management System. Keeping a track of all the resources allocated to any given project is complicated and this feature cannot be found in general Human Resource systems. Project HRMS provides the proficiency of handling all project related issues in one place. It helps in creating the work breakdown structure of a project highlighting the resources utilized, expenditures incurred, project budgeting, customized reports and interactive Gantt chart and dashboards. It keeps up-to-the-minute details of every phase in order to give a complete and clear picture of the project status.

Key features that one can immediately benefit from

  • It is fast to deploy with no upfront cost.
  • Has an administration configuration option that controls the process.
  • Can easily handle large numbers of global users.
  • Easily customizable to your company’s requirements for generating reports and handling the data centrally.
  • Big data analysis.
  • Secured access.
  • Web based applications.
  • Online help.
  • Online error reporting and monitoring.
  • 24/7 availability.
  • Compliant with the government rules and regulations.

This application will help take employee engagement and collaboration to the next level.

Businesses need to continuous forecast and monitoring needs to successfully run their businesses for an extended period of time in this competitive market. Employees play such a crucial role in an organization’s success that it is important to have human resource related software which can directly correspond with the business plans to meet their objectives. HRMS serves this purpose, making it easier to manage the whole HRMS system efficiently.

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