Business Pointers’ CRM Made Work Easier!

Sales management is the planning and implementation of business strategy to achieve the revenue target and thereby achieve the profits which are instrumental in growth, expansion and survival of any organization. This is critical to the sales process.


I have experienced this fact many times during my decade of experience as a Senior Sales Manager of a multinational company who offer both products and services in their basket. To achieve sales, a sales person has to generate leads and retain existing customers to identify new business opportunities with them. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software often assists sales personnel in their efforts.

CRM software manages the company’s relationships with existing and potential customers. It uses technology to automate, synchronize and organizes the sales, customer service, marketing, and technical support. It’s a package of powerful tools to help the sales and marketing departments to efficiently and effectively collaborate and enhance their customer’s experience. It also strengthens customer relationships, reduces cost, enhances productivity, increases profitability, and improves the competitiveness of the businesses. CRM software is necessary for all organizations.

Importance of CRM software
In my opinion, CRM is the fastest growing software application in the world. With the change in business styles, customer preferences, and the advancement and breakthroughs in technology, CRM has become more powerful and user-friendly. As the use of internet increases so will the demand for CRM software by businesses, especially cloud based CRM applications, to reach customers.
A big misconception about CRM is that it is only electronic file storage used to store customer records. It’s true that managers use CRM software to track their customers and vendors but CRM software is a lot more than that. CRM software also helps salespeople remember their prior commitments. This helps them to fulfill their promises in a timely manner and maintain the trust of their clients.

Major Issues in My Previous On-Premise CRM Software
We have a big sales department in our company. Our team was using on-premise CRM software to manage and maintain records of leads and existing customers but we ran into the following major issues with it:

1. Upfront Expense in License Purchase
It was a huge upfront investment for my organization to purchase licenses of on-premise CRM software. We had to convince our top management to sanction the budget and allocate IT Admin personnel for maintenance and support of the application. Our company had to hire several new IT personnel for these functions.

2. Additional IT Infrastructure Cost
It was necessary to build the essential IT infrastructure to run the on-premise CRM application. Our organization acquired hardware components that included disk storage, networking switches, power backup and software components like application servers, middleware, databases, client access licenses and many other related items. The ongoing costs of power and utilities, data replication and data recovery were significant. Moreover, datacenter hardware has a life cycle of 3 to 5 years before it needs to be updated. Our datacenters needed expensive upgrades every 3 to 4 years.

3. Lacked Mobility
The on-premise CRM software lacked mobility. We were unable to access it outside the office so our sales personnel had to return to the office instead of updating the CRM system during travel to other locations. This lead to duplication of many records as every sales representative saved their own version of records.

4. Required Extensive Training
As a sales manager, I had to undergo extensive training on how to execute various functionalities and interpreting sales report in the CRM system. This consumed lot of my time which could have been better utilized in client engagements, meetings and negotiations.

All these issues caused me to search for a better CRM system. It had to be user friendly, inexpensive and have mobility options. I wanted to be able to streamline my processes and optimize the utilization my resources. So, I discussed these issues with my business partners, friends, on blogs, and in forums and came to know about SaaS (Software as a Service). It’s a revolutionary model of on demand delivery of applications that are hosted by service providers. The application can be accessed through an internet browser. SaaS applications have been on the market for more than a decade now. The Figure No. 1 below illustrates the delivery model of SaaS.

SaaS (Software as a Service) Model


Gartner Group forecasts that “SaaS revenue will be more than double its 2010 numbers by 2015 and reach a projected $21.3bn. Customer relationship management (CRM) continues to be the largest market for SaaS.”

I started gathering more information about this delivery model on different websites, blogs, forums and social networking sites and came to know about Business Pointers’ CRM aka BP-CRM, the cloud based CRM application which follows a SaaS model of delivery. Subsequently, I was connected with consultants from Business Pointers Services, the vendor of BP-CRM who offered me a demo of the application. I was very impressed by the demo and thought “these guys really know about the real issues faced by sales departments”. After a couple of meetings, I was completely satisfied with the features of BP-CRM and how it could add value to our organization.


Customer Relationship Management System
From the day my team started using BP-CRM for their sales efforts, I could feel the drastic change in my entire sales department. Now the CRM databases are more systematic and organized. We can track our existing customers and prospects more efficiently.

Our Experience with Business Pointer’s CRM
The following is our experience about BP-CRM:

1. User Friendly GUI
The GUI of BP-CRM is one of the best I have ever seen. It is very user friendly and that helped my team to use it from day one. While in our previous CRM software, my team took a week or more to get acquainted with it and be able to use it for business.

2. Workbench
Workbench helps me get reminders on meetings, appointments, campaigns, and other important events. I don’t need to go to all the modules for tracking recently used transactions, meetings, top opportunities, to-do lists, my notes, my leads, tasks, calls and much more.  BP-CRM’s vendor also customizes my workbench according to changing business requirements.

3. Reports
The sales reports are generated with a click of a button which saves our valuable time and sales’ planning is now a quicker process due to our ability to use well generated sales forecasting reports from our CRM application. These features save a lot of our time and we can focus on core sales activities.

4. Campaigns
With BP-CRM, we can plan our promotional campaigns and events better. We can easily track the market response on our promotional campaigns and also generate leads from them. Sales personnel can send mass emails to our prospects and existing customers and share information about attractive offers like discounts, free coupons and gifts. They can also segment these emails so only a specific group receives specific offers. This has helped us to know our customer better, interact with them faster and gain their trust.

5. Service Requests
With BP-CRM, managing service requests is streamlined. I can easily assign service requests to my sales force and get the work done. Also, service requests are tracked by how well and fast it has been addressed. This has increased customer satisfaction and loyalty and given us the ability to track employee performance.

6. Managing Salesforce
One of the biggest challenges of being a sales manager is to manage my salesforce. With BP-CRM, I can restructure the salesforce, assign territory based on priority, create sales groups and also recruit sales people.

7. Product Hierarchy
BP-CRM enables us to classify and categorize our products into a hierarchy. We can also add attributes to the products and conduct attribute mapping.

8. Interface with Other Apps
Another unique feature of BP-CRM is that we can interface it with other apps if required. But I have never done this because BP-CRM is so complete in itself that I never felt the need to do so.

9. Data Migration
As we were using an on-premise CRM software previously, we had to migrate our records to the cloud based BP-CRM. This process turned out to be very smooth as Business Pointers helped us in this and there were absolutely no issues after data migration.

10. Reliable Network
I find many professionals concerned about the security of their records on cloud based applications. Sales records are highly confidential and we can’t afford for them to be leaked to our competitors as that could cause us to lose large amounts of revenue. BP-CRM uses highly secured cloud for storing our records. We have been using BP-CRM for quite a while now and there have been absolutely no issues. So we don’t worry about it anymore. BP-CRM’s cloud is safe.

11. Cost Reduction
Our organization has been saving lot of money on IT costs and expenses after switching to the cloud based BP-CRM. So much so, that our profits have increased.

12. Latest and Up to Date Software
The Business Pointer’s team is highly innovative and dedicated. We receive software updates almost every week. This ensures that our organization is using the latest technology that keeps us at the top of our game in this competitive market.

BP-CRM has helped our organization to increase revenue, maintain good relations with existing customers and convert leads into opportunities. We found that our business records on the cloud based BP-CRM is as secured and reliable as on an in-house application.  We saved lot of time with BP-CRM and could focus more on our core sales activities. In my opinion BP-CRM is the best CRM application I have used so far.

Observing our successful stint with BP-CRM, other departments in my company are also in talks with Business Pointers Inc. to buy other solutions like HRMS (Human Resource Management System), Procurement, Order Management, and Inventory Management for themselves.

BP-CRM has been a surprise package which has been truly satisfying to our sales department.

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