Benefits Automation for Errorless Benefit Administration

Go Paperless, Eliminate Human Errors, Quicker Enrollment Cycle, and increased Benefit Administration Productivity during new Enrollment year are the key improvement areas that any HR organization looks for.

Benefits Automation helps streamline and transform the Benefits provided to Employees and removing repetitive and tedious Benefit Administration tasks.

Automation areas in best suitable benefits to your employees, track and maintain the Benefits records. You can automate the Benefits Allocation process every year.

Integration with Payroll helps calculate and deduct employee shares on enrolled. Hence, providing a hassle-free Benefit automation improving Benefits administration productivity and Employee Retention.

Benefit Provider: Per Screen print below Benefits Administrator user may configure various Benefit Providers the Organization engages.

Benefits Administrator

Benefit Plans: Further, Benefit Admin user can define the Different Benefit Plans provided by the Benefit Providers.

Benefit Plans

Benefit Plan Type: Here, benefits super user can define the types of Plans provided like Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, etc.

Benefit Plan Type

Benefit Dependent Coverage Master: This helps Benefits Super user to define the number of Dependents Covered with the Employees.

Benefit Dependent Coverage Master

Benefit Plan Option: Here, you can define the Complete Plan Benefit Details provided to the Employees which includes the Plan Coverage Amount, the Employee Contribution, the Employer Contribution, The Enrollment period, etc.

Benefit Plan Option

Benefit Enrollment Wizard: This Wizard helps Benefits Administrator to create Plan Enrollments and Announce the Enrollment to the Employees in just one click. The system helps create and send the Enrollments as announcements to their emails or Employee Portals. Thus, automating the entire Enrollment Process.

In case the employee is interested he can choose and enroll himself into the Plans provided which can be seen in his Employee Self Service Portal under the Benefit section.

Benefit Enrollment Wizard

Benefit Enrollment Wizard

Benefits Enrollment - Employee Self Services Automation: Here the Employees can see their Benefit Plans Enrollment, Plan Details- Coverage, Contribution, and Expiry of the Enrollment.

Employee Self Services Automation

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