CIO's of the modern age are increasing looking for Business Artificial Intelligence (BAI) to drive the Business Applications in order to keep a check over the cost of IT staff supporting the Business Applications and get into more futuristic approach of Artificial Intelligence-based Business Systems with an ability to alert based on Application usage learning, loop in the feedback, let system auto-make smart business decisions and/or execute requisite corrective mode applications.

ERP's of future is not just about good user experience driven approach but an approach that can provide ERP user's with the ability to inject intelligence and/or make decisions for the users based on learning the ERP behavior.

A Simple example is Sales department is disconnected with accounts due to confidential nature of the company's finance department. A customer who has exceeded assigned high credit limit and based on Risk Analysis - the BAI (Business Artificial Intelligence) engine can be trained using Risk Assessment Analytics exactly how a Human Sales Rep would do, take appropriate decision to make a hard stop or a soft block for processing further Sales Orders based on defined customer risk parameters.

The above Business Artifical Intelligence engine can similarly be extended for smart Business AI-based Purchasing Decision building Analytics and learning how a sharp Purchasing Manager makes Purchasing Decision and drive ERP to take a similar decision based on Spend Analytics, Supplier Relationship Analytics and other purchasing behavior of the Purchasing Manager.

Same way the BAI engine can learn the Decision-making behavior of a Production Manager and make decisions to reduce defects and build the expert system of past defect resolution analytics and make corrective actions accordingly.

One such Business Artificial Intelligence-based ERP is Business Pointers' Business Day ERP Suite ( which has a built-in AI engine linked to Business Data Analytics engine which can feed the Business Artificial Intelligence Engine with Analytics data, Decision parameters/ formulae, and be learning patterns of past decision-making to hand hold ERP users towards future Decision making or if system is trusted than even make decisions for the ERP users based on Artificial Intelligence.