Seamless Subcontracting


Subcontracting is a practice prevalent in complex manufacturing and project . It is a procurement process where materials are provided to the vendor to assemble into a final product.

Midsize businesses hire subcontractors to assist with a variety of functions. When it comes to subcontracting in the manufacturing industry, components are given for subcontracting for multiple activities like assembly, refinement, coating and painting of products.

Meticulous planning is critical for the execution of any subcontracting process. A manufacturer looks for subcontracting software which helps in cost optimizations along with handling the intricacies of the processes. The most crucial benefit of subcontracting scheduling software is the automated data collection along with the power to track any process at any stage.

Business Pointers’ subcontracting module has accomplished a hassle-free way to establish scheduling of complex tasks with utmost ease. The subcontracting module is enabled with artificial intelligence which automates tracks and diligently monitors with complete visibility to the user at every stage.

Seamless Subcontracting with Business Pointers

Subcontracting module in Business Pointers is designed to cover all needs of every small to midsized businesses.

The subcontracting suite is a very powerful tool enabled with artificial intelligence providing you with a centralized control for managing all the transactions related to the subcontract services, thereby maximizing the efficiency of cost and control.

Some of the key features of the subcontracting module in Business Pointers’ include:

Define subcontracting vendors in vendor Master which contains data of permanent nature, about a supplier/vendor that your organization is dealing with. It provides you with the facility to map vendors to any component giving you an easy to select the preferred vendor in every transaction.

Ability to access real-time costing information across all your multi-level BOMs

Multiple alerts to drive the entire subcontracting process in order to meet the timeline and quality expected.

Highly integrated with inventory, finance, purchasing modules makes auto entries and maintains inventory stock balance accordingly.

Challenges faced in conventional subcontracting software

The conventional systems do not allow easy access to check stock availability while issuing items to the vendor. These limitations consume excess time and increase human error.

No real-time assessment of data creates time constraints thereby struggling to stay on schedule.

Having a complicated system makes it difficult for the user to navigate through basic functionalities.

Incoherent Integration with other modules causes loss of significant data.

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