Remote & Field Employees Automated Management using AI Cloud

A common challenge with the Sales, Service, Logistics, and HR department is tracking the field or remote employees for varying reasons like employee safety, expense processing, scheduling a sales meeting or service call in a proximity location. For example, if service technician is in the same area delivering service and a new service request comes in from the same area, thus improving service organizations' productivity.

Similarly, if a sales employee is meeting a client in some area and the sales support team is able to generate a new appointment in same vicinity. The sales employees' manager is notified thru the AI cloud. The manager can then assign the employee to meet the new client or automated AI cloud can auto assign next meeting, hence improving sales productivity or if you wish to process mileage expense for the sales employee, this also helps save repeat travel expense processing.

Use cases of these type are very common in Construction, Transportation industry, Logistics, Manufacturing, Service, and in general any industry involving in field sales employees.

The solution for the problem was resolved by some corporate from similar industries by AI Cloud installing a mobile app powered by Artificial Intelligence Cloud guiding on travel variance. The app feeds the Business Pointers' AI Cloud and using AI algorithms employee's data variances prompt alerts to the employee managers or follows automated AI workflow to improve organizational productivity.

Complete Employee Travel Itinerary is displayed on the Corporate phone.

Employee Travel Itinerary

The App's Login in Reminder Notification on the Employee's Corporate Phone will keep reminding the employee on the Corporate phone to log back into the Geo- Location App if he is logged out.

App Login in Reminder Notification on the Employees

The App allows Real-time Pin point location for Employee Safety Stand point.

Real-time Pin point location

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