Batch Management with InventoryDay Module


Batch Management is mostly incorporated by all Industries nowadays, specifically by the Pharmaceuticals and Food Industry.

Batch wise inventory management is of utmost importance in order to trace any product across the entire inventory system.

A number of challenges can arise if the products are not managed. For e.g.; Lack of traceability of the products, Mismanagement of the tracking of manufacturing date and expiration date of each product.

Batch Management helps with Traceability of the Batches in case of any complaint by the customer.

Management of Items Batch wise in Business Pointers

Management of Items Batch

Batch Management in BusinessDay helps to create batches for all items which need to be managed batch-wise in the system.

The Batches are created with the Batch manufacturing dates and Expiration dates which automatically calculates the remaining shelf life of the batches.

On Receipt of the items into the system, the batches are created with a unique Batch number. This Batch number is assigned to the item. Multiple Batches can be created for the same item.

The Items are then issued from one or multiple Batches which automatically reduces the quantity of the Batch.

In case of loss of items due to damaged goods, theft or other reasons the system has a provision of Batch loss quantity in the Batch Master which helps to manage the Batch Loss.

Batch View: This feature helps you to track which item is being issued from which batch that was received in the system with the Manufacturing date, Expiration date and quantity Issued.

This helps with the ease of tracking the product.

Item Receipt – Batch View

Item Receipt – Batch View

Item Issue – Batch View

Item Issue – Batch View

InventoryDay Module helps with the entire inventory management like Stock Management, Movement of goods from one location to another, Item Management with Serial and Batch Management.

ProductionDay Module helps with complete Production Planning, Material Requirement planning, Multi-level Bill of material management, Shift management with Labor Scheduling.

production planning
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